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Rotterdam, Netherlands


The Netherlands is a small country in Western Europe, with a rich cultural tradition, great higher education and an open minded and pioneering people. Its relatively small area of just over 41,000 square kilometres is home to more than 17 million people. The Dutch society is very international. Since the 17th century, major Dutch cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam and even Groningen have been international trading hubs, resulting in a melting pot of many nationalities. 


Rotterdam, the second largest city in the Netherlands with it's major European port, is characterized by its fantastic architecture, impressive skyline, and rich history. Rotterdam is this year's host country for the 2024 Global Health Literacy Summit! Come for health literacy, stay to explore.

Rotterdam is the Netherlands' second largest city after the capital Amsterdam with a population of approximately 630,000. Rotterdam has been a major city for many hundreds of years and has always served as a large port as it lies on the Rhine-Meuse-Scheldt river delta. 

Since the 1300’s the port of Rotterdam has developed and served as a major port of the Dutch East India Company. During WWII Rotterdam saw extensive bombing and its center was almost destroyed, however after this the city was slowly rebuilt and once again stands as a modern port. 

Aside from its fascinating port, Rotterdam also features some fantastic architecture like the modern cube buildings and the Euromast Tower, but also has a wonderful variety of museums, eateries, and activities to enjoy. 

The city of Rotterdam is a city full of contrasts. The past, present and future are integrated in a dynamic cityscape. The reconstruction after the Second World War has ensured that Rotterdam has become a modern metropolis with an impressive skyline. Rotterdam is therefore often referred to as the city of architecture. Also, in the field of music, theater, film and museums, Rotterdam has a cosmopolitan level of facilities. 

In Rotterdam culture in all its facets is equal to an experience. A mix of shapes and styles comes in scents and colors, and are ready for you to experience. 

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